Bass and Vocals

Paul began as a guitar player while in junior high school after being influenced by the British Invasion happening in the 60’s. He simultaneously was impacted by rock music and harmony vocals coming from bands like the Beatles. After singing in the school choir and getting some basic knowledge of vocal harmonies, he moved to guitar and basically taught himself how to play. He formed his initial band while in the 7th grade doing top 40 covers later switching to bass guitar after hearing Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. During the 70’s and 80’s, Paul played in a number of original bands with the likes of Mike Onesko (Blindside Blues Band) and Dave Shogren (The Doobie Brothers). After a short hiatus from bands to focus on his family, he decided the time was right to play again and made contact with Scott Evers who pulled Paul into a newly forming project. This didn’t last long after an opportunity to play with Patrick, his youngest brother, in another project just getting underway. After a short period getting this project underway, Paul recruited Scott and this was the foundation for what eventually evolved into TIMELINE.

Paul is influenced by Jack Bruce, Geddy Lee, Greg Lake and John Wetton who are his models for combination bassists/vocalists.

He has shaped the vocal melodies and lyric writing and also the production of the band both live and in the studio.

Paul uses NS/Stick and Rickenbacker basses, Line 6 and David Eden preamps powered by QSC amplification driving Mesa/Boogie speaker cabs.

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