2009 News Archive
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Contrary to popular belief, we're still alive and kickin'. Let's catch up shall we?

Since Eric's departure in August of 2008 we have been auditioning a lot of vocalists. We've had the pleasure of meeting some really talented and nice people, but for one reason or another the chemistry hasn't been quite right. Much to our benefit or our detriment, we're a fickle bunch. Needless to say, we're still looking...

During our hiatus we've been consistently rehearsing, jamming, and having fun. All of the instrumental recording is completed (except for a few tracks by a certain guitarist/webmaster who will remain anonymous). In typical TImeline style, we have begun writing new material even before we've completed recording the previous CD. We're hoping to take the writing, arrangement, and complexity up to a new level (for us anyway) and we're excited about some of the ideas spewing about in the studio.