2004-2005 News Archive
(some links may no longer work)

Changed the GALLERY page to a new format. Fixed the Blog links in the top navigation bar to work properly in Internet Explorer (they worked fine in Safari and Firefox only before).

Added latest date of site update on the Homepage. For now, most of the updates will be on the MUSIC, LINKS, and the individual Blogs on the MEMBERS page, so make sure you keep coming back! Minor formatting updates throughout site.

A few of us started our own blogs. Go to the MEMBERS page and click on the links if you dare. There's also a chance to win a CD & shirt on Scotts' Uberblog.

Make sure to check out the special message on our Homepage concerning the next CD...

Our debut CD is now being sold through Best Buy's website. Click here to go to the website, and type "Timeline" into the search field.

New CD update: we've begun recording demo tracks for the new CD. Samples will be appearing soon on the MUSIC page, so come back often.

Our CD is now being distributed by Nightmare Records! Click here to buy.

Added a new review from Marcelo Silveyra of Progressive World. Click here to go to his review.

Yes, we are still alive. Sorry for the length of time since our last update, but not much has happened in the last few months. Let's catch up...

We've been taking it easy musically, epecially with summer, work (we all have normal full-time careers), a wedding, and the recent release of our CD. We're back in our new studio and still getting used to the new surroundings and some new studio gear. We're getting anxious to start the recording sessions for our next CD, and will begin very soon. The new material is pretty much written, but we're still working on the finishing touches. More on the new CD as it progresses.

Added a new review from Michael Popke of Sea of Tranquility. Click here to go to his review.

We're back online after switching to a new website hosting service. If you had tried to contact us within the last week and we haven't responded back, please try us again.

Added a few more photos of the new studio in the GALLERY page. We also updated our forum at UltimateMetal.com with the latest news and links to our interviews and reviews.

Added a new review from Ron Fuchs of Prognaut. Click here to go to his review.

Our CD is now availble for purchase from Tower Records online and you can also now download and purchase the whole CD or any number of tracks though Apple iTunes!

Our first official band interview with Ian Johnson of Aor Dream Zones, U.K. has just been posted on their website. Click here to go to the interview.

Added a new review from Tom MacMillan. Click here or here to go to his reviews.

The great reviews keeping coming in! This one is from Ian Johnson, Aor Dream Zones, U.K. Click here to go to his review. Also updated the LINKS page.

Added a new review from Jem Jedrzejewski, The Hairless Heart Herald, U.K. Click here to go to his review.

Added a new review from Antonis Maglaras, Metal Domination, Crete. Click here to go to his review.

Progressive Soundscapes Radio is giving away 4 copies of our CD. The winners will be chosen at random and announced during 'Flight to Reality' on May 10th while they feature music from the CD. Go to their contest page to enter.

We had our first "official" rehearsal in the new studio! We've retooled some of our gear and after we get comfortable with our new surroundings we'll start recording. Added a few new links.

Added a few photos of the new studio in the GALLERY page.

Added a new review from Carlos Alberto Vaz Ferreira, Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - Internet Zine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The new studio has just been ofiicially approved by the city building inspector - time for a little champagne!

Added a new review from Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter Magazine The Netherlands.

New Studio Update: Very close now. The interior walls have been sheeted, textured, and painted. The carpet, all of the lighting fixtures, and the climate control system have been installed. The exterior had it's final coat of paint applied. What's left? A few interior audio and video wiring tasks and the installation of sound dampening studio foam and we're about ready to go! Also updated the REVIEWS page.

CDs are now available online from CD Baby. Click HERE to purchase. Added a new review from Sergio Martorelli, Editor DVD Total Magazine, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Vertigo has been added to the rotation on CP Radio (Canvas Productions internet radio), the same folks that produce the infamous "Canvas Prog Hour". Started populating the REVIEWS page.

Added many new prog web sites to the LINKS page.

New website layout.

Added/replaced photos in the GALLERY and MEMBERS pages.

Thanks to all of you that came to our show last night. Hope you had a great time, we sure did! Please check out the photos from the show in the GALLERY and MEMBERS pages.

Don't forget - the show is TONIGHT!

Added all of the lyics to the MUSIC page.

All of the promo packs have been mailed to those who have asked for them. If you represent a radio station, distributor, promoter, etc. and would like a promo pack, please email Scott at scott.evers@timelinemusic.net.

The CD's have arrived!

Progressive Soundscapes Radio announces the world premiere of our debut self-titled CD on Thursday 17 February, at 4:00pm Pacific Time during Flight to Reality on Progressive Soundscapes Radio. They will be broadcasting our entire CD. For more info, go to their website, www.progressivesoundscapes.com.

Don't forget our CD release party on February 26th! Here's the flyer again with all of the details.

One of our instrumentals, Vertigo, has been #1 on the Progressive Rock chart on the Unsigned Bands website for the past 6 weeks! Mirror in the Sky is also making a comeback in the Top 10 on the Metal chart! Thanks to all for your support!

The CD golden master and packaging graphics was sent to Oasis CD Manufacturing for duplication.

Bryce Graven at Mastering Solutions completed mastering the CD.

New Site layout update including a new Reviews page, mailing list signup on Contact page, reordered the songs on Debut CD list to match the final mixed CD, and added more links.

New Studio Update: We're in the process of building "Patrick's Playhouse", a new 23' x 25' rehearsal/recording studio for the band designed by Patrick. The slab was poured in May 2004. To date it's been completely framed, wired, insulated, and partially sheeted. The stucco was applied today. Patrick is doing most of the work, with the rest of us helping out when we can.

Paul has begun final mix of the CD before we send it off for mastering.

Here's the flyer for the February 26th CD release party with all the details.

Mark your calendars for February 26, 2005 - We'll be playing (of course) and more importantly, celebrating the release of our debut CD! More details coming soon...

We've just posted a full length version of one of our instrumentals, Vertigo, on the Unsigned Bands website. Please have a listen and rate it.

We've just been linked to the Unsigned Bands website and have been getting great reviews and numerous downloads. Click here to go straight to our page.

Our new hosted forum at UltimateMetal.com is now up and running! Go to the FORUM page or click here to go straight there.

Updated music samples to smaller, faster loading MP3s and added discography info.

We made "The Best Band of the Week" list on Brazilian mega website Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal! We're listed right under Jordan Rudess.

Added 2 new tunes to the MUSIC page - Heart of the Storm and Journey's End. Check them out!

Added band member pages and photos.

Check out the photos from the Pine Street show in the Gallery.

Debut show at Pine Street, don't miss it!

One of our songs, “Mirror in the Sky” will be included on the ProgPowerUSA festival promo CD!

Debut show on 06/12/04 along with Imagika at Pine Street Bar and Grill, 875 Rincon Ave in Livermore. Click here for the flyer

Houston, we have a launch - the website is now online!