Footsteps follow, a shiver hits your spine
Bone chilling night, your flesh begins to crawl
Chanting of the voodoo priests that haunts my mind
Hear the voices of the dead as they call

Hear them call
Behold nightfall
Hear them call

Cries of the dead are calling out to all that hear
Hear them seeking blood again tonight
Time is running short no comfort for my fear
Evil wins again without a fight

Hear them call
Behold nightfall
Take them all
Behold nightfall
Hear them call

The dead, they will arise
Listen to their anguished cries

The world will fade to black, can't hear their silent screams
Colds hands reach out, the grip of a thousand souls
Hear the sound of the lost ones terrorize your dreams
Laid to rest in a garden of bones

Hear them call...

Take them all…

Watch out for your life…

Run and hide tonight…