TIMELINE Band Biography

TIMELINE has continued to evolve since first forming in 2003. Although some of the band had been writing and playing together for many years prior to this, it was in 2003 that the line-up finally solidified in its current form. We are continuing to pursue original progressive material focusing on melody and a "big" sound. Our writing is influenced both by the traditional and more current prog rock/metal bands but also other genres like fusion, blues and jazz.

The result is a blend of tight, melodic, and sometimes complex songs using multiple time signatures and with lyrical messages that range from hopeful to dark themes. The current philosophy of the band is to continue a direction of writing that challenges the listener to think both about the music itself and the message of the song and which, holistically, we describe as "intelligent music". We believe this is sorely lacking in today's mainstream music although many bands of this genre are beginning to break through in the U.S.

The current line-up of the band includes 5 members. Instrumentation consists of drums/percussion, two guitars, keyboards, and bass. The material, both musically and vocally, provide for a diverse sound lush in harmonies from the instruments and voices.

The band is showcasing itself and in parallel recording and distributing our material to continue building momentum. We are a prolific and forward-looking band that hopes to touch people with our music.